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L.A.D.A. COVID-19 Response: updated: November 20, 2020

• ONLY critical Clinical staff visitors (Behavior Consultants, Therapist) will be allowed until further notice. L.A.D.A. will not be hosting any Quarterly/Annual IDT meetings until further notice. L.A.D.A has increased its classroom and common space sanitization. All staff and students will be screened for symptoms, including temperature checks, upon arrival each day. Any staff or student that exhibit ANY COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and instructed to contact their health care provider. Any student who has taken transportation to get to school and exhibits symptoms upon arrival to L.A.D.A. will be placed in our isolation area until they can go home. Any staff who becomes symptomatic during operating hours will be sent home immediately. Any student who becomes symptomatic during operating hours will be placed in one of our designated isolation areas until they can be picked up. All guidelines for appropriate Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for staff and students will be followed. Staff will wear face mask. Students who can wear face mask are asked to do so.
• L.I.F.E. Adult Day Academy recommends that ANY of our high-risk students continue to shelter in place rather than attend school. High-risk Students include those who are 60 or older or have chronic medical conditions. L.A.D.A. will continue with our 4:1 student-staff ratio. This may mean some classes are not offered daily but on a rotating basis to ensure minimum of 6-foot spacing for social distancing. All classrooms/areas will be disinfected before and after operating hours daily. High touch areas also will be disinfected by steam throughout the day.
• Community-based outings will be planned according to state and local guidelines
L.A.D.A will continue to monitor guidelines and recommendations coming from the CDC and other state and local resources as the weeks progress.

Please hang in there with us! We are all in this together

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L.I.F.E. Adult Day Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to making real, meaningful differences in our community. Our work is driven by a core group of idealistic individuals who realize the power to effect change comes from their tireless efforts.

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Our Mission
L.A.D.A.'s mission: is to impact the community by helping our disabled adult students gain continued knowledge, skills, and confidence by participating in an environment that appreciates them for their unique abilities, gifts, obstacles, and personalities.  It is our mission to empower our students to achieve their personal goals and overcome obstacles that prevent them from making positive connections and impacts on the community around them.

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